Orientation & Support For Online Learners

almost 3 years agoNovember 4, 2019
I do believe that the holistic approach to students' success, in general, is necessary. It's important to get our students' voice and input before we throw a course together.
Valerie Kisiel
almost 3 years agoNovember 5, 2019
I definitely agree. I think too often we design solutions without student input.
Charlene Jones
almost 3 years agoNovember 15, 2019
Students must be part of the process in order to ensure that we offer content that meets their needs and in the format that is the easiest to access.
Cassie Green
over 2 years agoNovember 18, 2019
I will use the tips for my fye course.  Especially to encourage students about time blocking.
over 2 years agoNovember 19, 2019
A colleague and I were just having a conversation, yesterday, about brainstorming effective tools that could be used to better support our online students. Thank you for this preview.
Linda Blanco
over 2 years agoNovember 19, 2019
Are there specific components for math courses?  It has been my experience as both instructor and online student that those who are unsuccessful tend to skip online lectures and/or discussions to just try to get the homework done.  Invariably that does not lead to passing exams.  (And with all the "help" available on the internet, anyone can complete most HW just by using an app.)
Support @ IE
over 2 years agoFebruary 14, 2020
Dr. Michel Awad
over 2 years agoJanuary 5, 2020
Online interesting discussion topics are keys to engage students.
Blanche Clark
over 2 years agoJanuary 13, 2020
Is the platform considered to be the "discussion board"?
Support @ IE
over 2 years agoFebruary 14, 2020
Not sure exactly what you mean.
Support @ IE
over 2 years agoFebruary 14, 2020
We apologize for the delay. We do have some specific workshops that deal with math anxiety. You can find them listed here - https://www.innovativeeducators.org/products/studentlingo-subscription
Sha Li
over 2 years agoMarch 5, 2020
The skills to motivate the Online learning groups is interesting. I hope to see of those issues that enlighten our vision and enhance our online learning classes in the distance education format.
Annette Hicks
over 2 years agoMarch 30, 2020
I agree that the online learning is very interesting.
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